I read a blog today that touched me and found myself wanting to share this. Now it was not written recently but still lingers in my head just the same as it is a constant roller coaster that I am either standing in line for or am already riding.


My mind is like a beach

Important memories and dates are left imprinted

Like footprints on wet sand that prove an existence

Only to be washed away by the next wave of mental destruction

that crashes over it

The fleeting moments of unabashed sanity are like

the tiny sand crabs that hurry under the surface

The formed thoughts like the tangle of kelp

left washed up on the shore to die.

My personal entity no more stable

than the tide.


About angrypumpkinoutofcontrol

Who am I? You know, oddly enough I don’t know what to say. I am a single (again) mom in So Cal. I am trying to get myself and my 3 boys through life. I am a cynical romantic. I am opinionated and generally not afraid to share said opinions. I am a daughter, probably not always the greatest but it’s my 1st time being a daughter and I’m still learning. I am a friend, this I am generally better at aside from the occasional slip from grace. I am funny (I hear), intelligent (it’s why my BFF chose me) and a neat freak with a streak of OCD. I am told that I scare men and little kids. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up except happy, at peace, stable. I have many good people in my life and many people that have walked out. Focus on what you have. I have no idea the things I should write here. What do you people want from me?

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