Well, it is over and done for another year. My little man had his birthday this week and so did I. I think we did it up pretty darn good too. On Saturday, a friend, Cowboy, took me out to lunch and then to Toms Farms to acquire some VERY specific Jelly Bellys for the sweet side of my palate. We went to Miguels for lunch and it was wonderful food and Cowboy kept dropping the “birthday” card so they would sing to me. HA! I threatened them with no tip (even though I wasn’t paying) so I ended up with a yummy birthday flan, complete with candle, and two very accommodating waiters serenading me, very softly so no attention was drawn. It was PERFECT! We were going to go riding but his bike had been damaged day before by some dodo on the cell phone and not paying attention. I am sort of glad it played out this was because it ended up very enjoyable for me. I hope him too 🙂 I spent the night at home with my little men and my MIL.

Today we went to Castle Amusement Park with my kids, my sis and her kiddos and a couple of friends. It was hot out. PERFECT I thought. The sun was shining and the crowds were very minimal. Had some more birthday cake and then pizza after at home. 

It was AWESOME to be alive today with no drama, no fights and surrounded by people I love! 




About angrypumpkinoutofcontrol

Who am I? You know, oddly enough I don’t know what to say. I am a single (again) mom in So Cal. I am trying to get myself and my 3 boys through life. I am a cynical romantic. I am opinionated and generally not afraid to share said opinions. I am a daughter, probably not always the greatest but it’s my 1st time being a daughter and I’m still learning. I am a friend, this I am generally better at aside from the occasional slip from grace. I am funny (I hear), intelligent (it’s why my BFF chose me) and a neat freak with a streak of OCD. I am told that I scare men and little kids. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up except happy, at peace, stable. I have many good people in my life and many people that have walked out. Focus on what you have. I have no idea the things I should write here. What do you people want from me?

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