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Life on the Lump: Sweet As Sweet-Potato Pie

Life on the Lump: Sweet As Sweet-Potato Pie

This blog post is beautiful in every sense of the word. The love, bonds and unabashed honesty are amazing. I relate so much to this woman and her mothering that sometimes, while reading, I giggle and feel a comfort that I am not alone. This world, is a strong woman and I would like to remind her she IS a hero for the simple fact that real heroes are not those who never fall, they are those who fall and always get back up. Definite shout out to AAA, my new friend from across the miles. Have a beautiful life on the lump day. I am happy to see that you are safe ♡

Your friend,
Angry Pumpkin

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Sometimes the lumps I take are as sweet as sugar and the only thing that gets me through the day. Since coming home from the hospital I have been working my tookus off for the good of my family. Five days without a Mom around means a house that needs tidied, clothes that need folded and put away, a kitchen that needs cleaning, and a family that needs over-the-top love and affection. To go along with cooking, grocery shopping, and a much needed rest for Daddy.

I wake up at six am or earlier with a need to start getting things accomplished immediately. Lately my seven year old has been waking at the buttcrack of dawn, ready to hang with Mom and get her innocent jabber on with the parent who has been lost behind the veil of mania for what feels like an eternity. Somewhere…

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