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Good morning world! I am so excited about this week! Why you ask? Ha! Well, aside from the fact that I am exceptionally happy with my love life, I wrote a short story. I know, I know, some of you know already but for all the readers who don’t know, well I did! It was a fluke actually. Cuz-J is an author. Not just any author but one that actually has a few good books published. Anyways, he told me about an open submission call and bugged me to do it. Now, I am a story teller, not an author by any means, even Cuz-J agrees. I have one hell of an imagination but lack the patience to put it to paper. Anyhooooo, I kept putting this story writing off until “Oops, last minute”!

Thanks to the nagging of said related author, I finally sat down and in about 20 minutes time had ¾ of a story written. I emailed it off to Cuz-J and asked what he thought and was surprised by the elated response I received. So I sat down, finished it and emailed it in. I truly, really was NOT expecting any great news and my original intent was to stop the hounding from Oregon. Imagine my surprise when I opened up my email one night and there it was…an acceptance of my story! Seriously, I kid you not, I looked like I just got called down the aisle to The Price is Right and up for bid was a “Neewwww Carrrrr”. I was a hopping, twisting, twirling, yelling, boobs a bouncing mess of manic hysteria! It was COMEDY!

When all settled down I thought to myself “Hmmmmm, what if they needed 50 stories and only had 50 submissions?” Well, then I win by default….WHO CARES! I wrote a story in a published book, with my name on the cover…how many people can actually say that? I never thought I would, but I did.


I suppose here is where I tell you what it is about, the book I mean, not my story. It is an anthology titled “50 Shades of Decay”. No, not that “of Grey” stuff, this is far more interesting. It will take your imagination to places that you didn’t think existed. This, my friends is zombie erotica. I can hardly stand the anticipation of reading some of these stories. I have the feeling that my story is among the tamest. Mine is titled “Pretty Kitty’s Post- Apocalyptic Porn Palace”. I read Cuz-J’s story and it was fabulous also! Yep, we are both in the book! Is that cool or what, both of us in a book. YAY FAMILY!!! We are starting a new story for another submission now…shhhh, you will have to wait and see what it is.

 IT IS TO BE RELEASED ON VALENTINES DAY! Is there a better way to spend the day and night with your sweetheart than reading this book?  I think not. I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Angelic Knight Press for putting this awesome book together and for accepting my story (for whatever reason). You can find them on Facebook and keep up with the latest they have going on or at angelicknightpress.com. 

Oh and one last thing, if you want to read some good stuff I HIGHLY recommend Cuz-J’s books.