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So the votes have been cast and the decision is in, Riverside is going to sell the .43 acres under the iconic cross on Mt Rubidoux. So let’s throw all my opinions about that aside and focus on what needs to be done now.


There are a couple of groups that are talking about putting in bids for it and then somehow, that group would own and maintain the area. I think that we need to think about what restrictions may be placed by each group, etc. I had a brief back and forth with EJ over at Bikerspots.com and he had a BRILLIANT (I think) idea. What if the biker community came together and raised the money to try and buy the cross, as a group, many together to form one whole. Now don’t answer right away, put it in your head and think about it for a minute. Think about why you ride. Why did you start? Was it the freedom of it? Did the rebel scream to get out? Was it the unity? The brotherhood? In my humble opinion, all of those things are needed here to save this historic symbol of hope.


I look up at that cross when I drive by and my heart melts in a way just knowing that I belong here as much as that cross. I know that I am not the only person that feels this way.  I just have a heart full of passion and a mouth big enough to voice it! Maybe I could even get some Harley dealers involved, like Skip Fordyce. Word of mouth travels fast and this is an internationally read blog, could be good business for them. Helping the community is a wonderful, selfless thing.

Moving along or now, I don’t have specifics on the fund raising part, I am looking for some feedback from the people I am reaching out to. What do you all think? Do you believe enough to make it happen? I KNOW that we could do this, save this symbol of UNITY and HOPE. You don’t have to be a believer in the Judeo Christian belief system to want this.

I will blog in a few days about any updates, etc. In the meantime, PLEASE contact me with any ideas.  I am going to give an email address you can write to if you can’t comment here. You get nasty and I am sending out the big dogs!