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Well Ain’t That a CoInky Dink?


What exactly is coincidence to you? Is it when you run in to that HOT guy that you have been thinking about all day? Not just run in to him but **BOOM** there he is, suddenly standing next to you in the most unlikely place. An all lesbian AA meeting perhaps? I mean, think about it- what are the odds? As a matter of fact, why are you here? You like men and drinks and having drinks with men and you are NOT about to give either up!


I don’t think that I believe in coincidence. Sometimes I question it all but for the most part I truly believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. We just don’t understand the “whys” at the time. Lessons, good and bad must come to all of us and that karma bus just keeps driving around waiting for the next poor soul to jump under it. None of us mere humans know why the universe is going to throw these things our way and I think that so many of us just brush these things under the rug. I also love when we get to say fun stuff like, “oh, it’s just that new medication I am on, must be side effects” or “I am so tired that I am seeing and hearing things”. We all crave proof of something, anything, but we are too blind to see when it’s happening.

I hung out with an old friend tonight and we “wined” about her mom passing away last night. There were tears and lots of laughs, memories, wisdom, fear exposed and who knows what else because my exhausted brain can’t remember. I do know though that it was good shit and I wouldn’t change it for the world, just her and I hanging out for the most part. I miss her and don’t see her enough.


So would it be “coincidence” that on the way to see her, a song I hadn’t heard in ages came on the radio and with the greatest of ease, I said hi to her mom and mentally thanked her for coming along. I had only been half paying attention and really didn’t even realize what the song was until I said it. I thought it was odd because it didn’t seem to fit anywhere. During my visit, I learned of a dream she had had the night before, the night her mom passed and to me it was clear why I would feel and say that to that particular song. I don’t know if she feels it too but I don’t want to push.

Have you ever been thinking about someone you loved that died, maybe having a conversation, even questions and it seemed like everything that happened or you heard fit exactly in to that? I have many, many times. Even on New Year’s eve, it happened in the day and again at night, right before midnight. Then at midnight I received a text message from a woman who is very tied in with that person too. Almost creepy but I am coming to embrace it. It’s almost fun now. I mean who knows if it’s true but damn it is nice to think so sometimes. To feel like “the other side” is reaching out to you as much as you want to them.


I know that there are many things that we don’t understand and are curious about. I believe most people have faith in what they choose to believe but there has to be a small piece of doubt somewhere, right? Finding the truth is an individual journey that can lead you straight to crazy if you let it, but wouldn’t it be so worth the straight jacket if you KNEW in the end? I have had way too many “coincidences” happen to me and I have denied them, I don’t anymore and I can see people look at me with concern sometimes! Haha.

I love trying to grasp the supernatural and it’s coincidences. Now it’s more the regular life coincidence that throws me off!