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Opinion of the day:

I have much aggression to let out right now and am choosing to opinionate on this rather than anything that may get me in trouble in other ways and please feel free to opinionate on my opinion.
I have been reading a few different posts across the old book of faces here and am not so opinionated about the actual causes but rather on the responses I have seen after. I am friends with people from all walks of life and I care about each of them on their own individual merit. I have had to cut ties and I have had to try to reconnect broken/ bent bonds. I have had to learn through mistakes and sometimes years of opinion forming whether someone/thing was right or wrong for me. I have NEVER given up on someone simply because another person said I should. I think that would weaken my integrity in some way. We are all on a journey for our own personal learning and I believe that our souls are all connected. I know that sometimes others opinions hurt because we know inside they are right, most likely about us or our behaviors. Right or wrong, we learn from each step along the way.
Having empathy has bit me in the ass more than once but it has also created a position to allow those I love to have their own thoughts and still accept them for who they are regardless. Who cares if it isnt the same way I would think or do things.
I believe that the extreme political correctness that is all around, is bullshit. I have white friends, mexican friends, indian (yea, not native american but damned indians just like my grandmother) friends, jewish friends (because you know those get counted separate too), black friends (I was made an honorary “nigga” once. Not because of any other reason than the fact that they knew I accepted them as they were and vice versa), years ago in Reno there was the “token” black friend too. I have been hit on by idiots thinking they understood the full encompassment of being a “skinhead”. Some of the best times in life were letting them know that this blue eyed blonde girl isn’t as pure as they seemed to think from the surface.
I have friends that are big, small, smart, not so smartish, rich, poor, different religions and personal beliefs. Ghost believers and bible thumpers. There have been drug addicts and those that have never even smoked a cigarette, gun control and gun liberals. Dog haters, pug lovers, boat rockers and smooth water sailors. WHO CARES? Our differences are what makes things interesting and when the apocalypse hits, each of you will have something to contribute, as will I.
Here is the BIG difference and what is bugging me, BIG TIME!
I am enough of a person to allow you each your opinion and woman enough to defend each of you against someone else’s ignorance and hatred INCLUDING that of my own friends. I totally get that people are fed up with political correctness but that is no reason to negate someone else’s opinion or make someone else feel poorly just to continue your “fuck political correctness” campaign. MAYBE, in the case of extreme defiance or ignorance but not because their opinion of something differs from your own. If I post pictures of the Main Post Office in Reno because I am amazed by the fact that there are swastika tiles on the counters and my jewish friend says wow, I am kind of offended because of what it has come to stand for, I am going to understand that this makes my friend feel bad. When others comment about how the iron cross and swastika meant this and this before the holocaust and are being kind of rude, Im going to say something because yes, it DID mean something positive PRIOR to that horrific event but was so tainted afterwards and YES, maybe it makes my friend think of the 10 family members lost to them in the holocaust which in turn makes what this symbol came to stand for bad to them, SO HAVE SOME DAMNED COMPASSION. Same with the Confederate flag.

Empathy and kindness are key to our survival as a whole, not as individual races. Political correctness or lack thereof is NOT about being right with superior opinions so get the hell over yourselves already. By disrespecting someones individual thought process you are only disrespecting yourself and your personal integrity.

**If you find this happening in your life and don’t quite know how to say these things and not offend your friends in the process, feel free to share this blog post. At the very least it will cause more drama and contention amongst the ranks but MAYBE, they will actually learn something in the process**