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Guest Blog: Jake Elliot


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I’d heard the call for Fifty Shades of Decay when Stacey at Angelic Knight Press announced it, but I originally intended to pass on this one. I was working on a story for Manifesto UF, another upcoming anthology they are putting together. To be completely honest, I was a little intimidated by ‘zombie smut.’  A few of my writer friends were excited about getting a story in Fifty Shades of Decay, and one of them implied I was a wussy. I think he flat out called me one, but maybe he didn’t. That was many beers ago.

The point is this: I am no wussy.

I generally write fantasy fiction, and have two novels with Damnation Books. I’m no stranger to dark themes, and zombies don’t scare me—but sex with them does.

I wrote ‘I Was Legend,’ and the story has a few more similarities to Richard Matheson’s…

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